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Membership Directory / Handbook

A thank you to Julieann Knox and Candace Joseph who have been working to update our members contact information and are currently putting together a membership booklet, which each member will receive before the years end. It will include a calander of events, mission statement, board information and more.


Membership and Board Members

We are asking that all members please make an effort to attend meetings and participate more with the inner workings of the orginazation.  Board member nominating is this year, for board member position changes next year. Due to unforseen instances several board positions had to be filled this past year mid term.  We feel that the membership cannot make an educated choice for board positions if they are not active in the organazation. Board members also cannot make a choice on possible new board members if we never see our members.  Come to meetings, come to events, introduce yourselves, ask questions, your board is here to help and encourage.

A Special Note

I would like to take a moment to speak on this topic. Our member participation has been drastically low but yet our membership numbers continue to rise.  We are gaining members but we are not able to do anymore than we normally have done in previous years.   We as a volunteer organization rely on our members for help to make events happen.  The more participation we have, the more we can do, the more we can branch out to the surrounding community and make our presence known.  We can hold more fun events for fellowship, more fun for our members like gallery trips, art demos, more opportunities for art fairs in surrounding counties, which lead to more financial opportunities for our members.

Other News

Congratulations to IAA member Joy Fairbanks on her Leadership Award nomination.  

At Open Arts 2013, member JD Varner, presented IAA with an Indiana County flag. This proved to me that you learn something new every day. I didn’t know that Indiana County had a flag of its own, and I certainly didn’t know that IAA designed it.  Below is a photo of the flag as well as the description of the images and their meaning. The gift of this flag was a wonderful idea and we thank JD for his donation, the flag will remain in the archives so that future members will know about the important contribution by The Indiana Art Association to our county’s history.

flag (2)

The WHITE field represents the purity and the strength of all efforts to build a better Indiana.

The EAGLE is drawn from both the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States of America to symbolize the vital and integral unity of our community with the Commonwealth and with the Nation.

The BLACK margin represents the rich coal fields that have impacted our way of life.

The RED margin symbolizes the Native American as the original inhabitants of our community and for which INDIANA was named.

The COMBINATION OF the RED and BLACK represents the school colors of the Indiana Area School District, and thus, calls attention to the values of Public Education.

The triangular GREEN TREE symbolizes the County Seat of the Christmas Tree Capital.

The TOWER of the OLD COURTHOUSE reminds us that Indiana was formed as the County Seat on a tract of land donated by GEORGE CLYMER, one of a very few to sign both the Declaration of Independence  AND the Constitution of the United States.

The TOWER of JOHN SUTTON HALL reminds us of the value of higher education in that Indiana serves as the Host Community Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)

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