The Indiana Art Association is displaying artwork of their members at the following locations May 6th, 2017  through August 5th 2017.

Ambulatory Building at IRMC(835 Hospital Rd, Indiana, PA 15701):

A collection of works by JD Varner and Ya-Huei Chen. All works for sale, and can be viewed Monday through Friday from 8AM to 8PM.

Urgi Care Facility at IRMC (875 Hospital Rd, Indiana, PA 15701):

Photography of JD Varner.   All pieces are for sale. Pieces can be viewed from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.  and Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Artists’ Hand Gallery (732 Philadelphia Street, Indiana, PA 15701):

Bobbie Avery’s photography.   Gallery hours are Monday – Thursday: 8AM – 6PM,  Friday: 8AM – 8PM,  Saturday: 9AM – 6PM

Calvary Presbyterian Church (695 School Street, Indiana PA 15765): 

A mixture of artwork and photography with a spring theme. Most pieces are for sale. Please check-in with the office before viewing works, normal office hours 8am to noon and 1pm to 3pm Monday through Friday.

Any artist displaying their work at one of our locations must first read and sign the new guidelines and disclosures form.

If you are interested in purchasing artwork from any of our satellite exhibits, please contact Darlene Palmer. Any artist displaying their work at one of our locations must first read and sign the new guidelines and disclosures form, this can be viewed on our website or obtained by contacting Darlene Palmer. If you would like to have any of your artwork featured at one of our locations please email exhibits@indianapaartassociation.org 

Stop by our exhibit spaces in town and check out the work of our fellow members!

If you would like to be added to the waiting list at any location, simply email exhibits@indianapaartassociation.org or call Dayas Silvis 



Exhibit Requirements:

Signage: The Indiana Art Association (“IAA”) will create labels for any exhibiting artist in an effort to keep all exhibits consistent.  The IAA will need the title, size, medium, and price of the art to create the labels, two weeks before any artwork gets displayed.  We will also create a printed copy of any artist bio and/or statement that the artist submits to us. We would be happy to place this information on our website and Facebook page, as well.

Exhibition Ready: All artwork must be wired and ready to hang.

If your work is framed: Please make sure all framed artwork is clean and in good shape, not chipped or falling apart. If you have a canvas back, it needs to be flat flush against the frame. If the canvas sticks out past the frame, the back needs to be papered. Make sure that no wire shows above the frame when you hang your artwork.

If you submit artwork with no frame: Any canvases submitted without frames must be painted on the sides. The paint can be a solid color or painted as part of the artwork.

Sales: Any artwork sales from an off-site IAA exhibit must go through the Indiana Art Association. The purchaser will pay the IAA, and the association will retain 20% of any sale, and will also take care of necessary sales tax. The IAA will then send a check for 80% of the sale price to the artist. Selling your work through our exhibit space at The Artist Hand Gallery is the only exception to the 85/15 split.  In this case the artist only retains 50% of the purchase price. The AH Gallery receives a commission of 35% and the IAA retains 15%. You should price your work accordingly. If you do not wish to place your work for sale, it will be marked NFS (“Not for Sale”).

Specific Exhibits

*If you are interested in exhibiting or have been approved to exhibit, the best thing to do is to check out the space and see what sizes and how many of your pieces would work best. If you are unsure after seeing them, the IAA will be happy to help you determine what space would best for your work.

  • IRMC Urgi Care: This is an exhibit space with a wire hanging system. There is a 30 foot lighted wall with 12 wires and 20 hooks available for hanging artwork.
  • IRMC Ambulatory: There are 16 spots available for this exhibit; one is on the second floor. The rest are on the first floor, in the hallway and in the office across from Diamond Drug. The nails that are already placed in this space must stay where they are. Two of the spaces in the office require smaller art pieces and three of the spaces in the hallway would do best with larger pieces.
  • IAA Wall at The Artist Hand Gallery: The Indiana Art Association has a small amount of wall space available for our members to exhibit at The Artist Hand Gallery.  This space is for multiple members at a time.  You may choose to show 1 or 2 works.Works must be approved by The Indiana Art Association and The Artist Hand before exhibiting. (The commission for the AH Gallery wall differs from the other community spaces, in that the artist only retains 50% of the purchase price. The AH Gallery receives a commission of 35% and the IAA retains 15%)

If you are interested in exhibiting your artwork, please email your basic information and 3 samples of your work to exhibits@indianapaartassociation.org. All artists showing work at an Indiana Art Association exhibit must be a current member of the Indiana Art Association. 


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